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Geyuan Garden (Ge Garden)

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Location: Yangzhou
Address: 10 Yangfu Road East, Yangzhou, Jiangsu 225001, China
Fee: 40 Yuan/ticket for peak-season, 30 Yuan/ticket for low-season, children under 1.2 meter and Senior 70-years-old for free entry
Operation: Regulare schedule: 7:15 – 17:15, Tourist Festival: April – May, Cultural Festival: September 8 – October 8.
Route: Bus No. 1, 4, 8, 26, 33, and Tourist Bus No. 1, 2, all to the garden.

Phone: 86-514-735 8470

The garden is one of the four most well-known classic Chinese gardens. It is closely laid out and famous for its piled rocks. The garden was originally the home for the Monk Shi Tao, a famous Buddhist Monk and painter in the Qing Dynasty. Later, a salt merchant bought the villa and did a critical renovation by planting enormous amount of bamboos. The garden was given its name as the shape of bamboo leaves looks like the Chinese Character “Ge”.

An important thing to notice from the garden is its special view of the bamboos plus its "4-Season Rockery" in the garden. The spring scene is the stalagmite south of Osmanthus Hall; the summer scene is rock, rockery, cave and winding bank in the northwest of the garden; the autumn scene is Yellow-Stone Rockery in the northeast, and the winter scene is piled white stones at the small court in the southeast. All of these are ingeniously laid out and perfect-looking.

A highest ranking of tourist attraction. Recommended.

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