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Wenfeng Pagoda

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Location: Yangzhou
Address: 16 Baota Road, Yangzhou, Jiangsu 225002
Operation: You can see it all the time.
Route: Bus No. 8, to the site or have a walk

Phone: 86-514-781 4375

The pagoda was erected in 1582 in Ming Dynasty. It is a seven-storey wood-and-brick structure with a height of 50 meters. The pagoda is on the southern bank of the Guanhe River, which is situated in the southern suburb of the city.

As the pagoda was located at a turning point of the Grand Canal, it was utilized as a light tower in the ancient period of the city to guide ships and boats with flashing lights from all of its levels.

The pagoda serves as a landmark now for the ancient city, Yangzhou.

You can see the pagoda from diverse directions of the city. If you want a close look, get there for a better view.

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